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What is the super science lab?

Super Science motivates young students to study science, encourages them to appreciate their newly gained knowledge and relate it to their daily lives. Classes visit the Super Science Lab 6 times during the year. Students conduct fun, hands-on experiments in various areas of science that enrich the grade level science curriculum.
  • Exposes students to scientific concepts and lab equipment at an early age and allows them to build confidence in the subject area
  • Stimulates independent and group inquiry by engaging students in age-appropriate, hands-on learning
  • Develops logical thinking skills
  • Dispels the negative attitude that students often have towards science that it’s “too hard” or “for nerds”
  • Teaches students how to answer questions and solve problems using the scientific method
  • Improve students’ ability to follow verbal and written directions
  • Reinforces the California State Science Standards
This year the Super Science Lab will be funded by your Super Pledge donation. Your donation is essential for the continuation of the Super Science Program. We will not request a separate donation for Super Science.