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Student Programs and Services sponsored by the FFO

  • Art Corps   
    A structured program of eight lessons each year, Art Corps uses a “corps” of approximately 80 volunteers trained in workshops to teach students in the classroom. Lessons are taught on the fundamentals of line, shape, space, value, color, and texture, which are then used in the composition lesson and a lesson featuring a famous artist. Each child has one piece of art matted and displayed at the Art Show set up in the auditorium during Open House in June. The licensing and training fees for the program and the high quality art supplies are all financially supported by the FFO.
  • Family Math and Science Nights 
    Each grade has a Family Math and Family Science night. At Family Math, parents play math games with their child including the ever-popular math relay. At Family Science, students and their parents move from station to station, doing a different science experiment at each one. Whether it’s viewing brine shrimp under a microscope, piercing a balloon with a skewer without popping it, or doing a mock crime scene investigation, everyone has fun learning. Supplies and prizes awarded are all sponsored by the FFO.
  • Field Days   
    Promoting fitness and team spirit, the classrooms at each grade level compete against each other in standing long jump, target throw, and a relay. All students’ scores in a classroom are combined to determine the winning class in each category. The winner has the honor of displaying the respective Field Day trophy in their room. The highlight for most students is the teacher relay. All students receive a participation ribbon.
  • Running Club
    This popular program instills fitness as well as helps to get the extra energy out before school starts. Students are encouraged to run laps on the field before school and during recess. Miles are tallied, and students running at least 25 miles receive a medal, and those running at least 50 miles receive a trophy. The upper and lower grade classes with the most combined miles gets a pizza party. Past individual runners have logged more than 400 miles in a year!
  • Dr. Seuss Night 
    Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday in conjunction with the national Read Across America event, this evening event is the highlight of many a student. Many teachers and guest readers read aloud—and sometimes play-act in costume—a favorite book during three rotations, followed by a giant sing along of happy birthday before serving birthday cake and punch to a crowd of more than 500. Guest readers have included authors, TV news personalities, and even Chargers.
  • Super Science
    All students receive six lessons in the Science Lab each year. Whether it’s exploring the properties of hydrophobic sand and the absorption power of a disposable diaper or launching eggs in student-built protective packaging from a catapult and riding a homemade hovercraft, all students develop a love of science through this program. This program is fully funded by the FFO.
  • Technology
    The FFO maintains two computer labs on campus, replacing and upgrading equipment as needed. Upper grade classrooms are taught by a computer aide in the use of various software, such as MS Word and PowerPoint, to allow them to produce more sophisticated reports and presentations. Recent budget cut-backs at the district have resulted in the loss of the computer aide, but the FFO has hired a part-time consultant to help the teachers teach these techniques to their students.
  • Red Ribbon Week
    A national event to discourage drug use, the FFO hosts an assembly as well as gives all students a token red item to encourage them to pledge to a drug-free life. Past assemblies have included the Marine Corps Band and a junior “Stomp”-like band.
  • Character Counts 
    This program encourages the positive character traits such as caring, fairness, and respect with “Caught Being Good” tickets that are drawn at assemblies. Winners are given a FFO-sponsored prize.
  • First in Math 
    This online interactive math game greatly increases math skills by awarding points for correct answers. Friendly competition and incentives are offered to the top students per grade and the top classes. Last year, Jerabek received an award for participation. The FFO pays the student fees for access.
  • Enrichment Funds 
    District funding cutbacks have eliminated the school site funding for Gifted and Talented Education. The FFO has provided $1,500 per grade level for enrichment programs such as onsite educational assemblies and the Border Voices poetry program.
  • School Supplies 
    The FFO provides the calendars for grades 3 - 5 and green Koala folders free of charge to all students, at the request of staff.